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7 On 7 Football Team Camp

  • Action Filled Day from Arrival to Departure (8AM-2PM)
  • 7 on 7 Games & Championship with NCHSAA Officials (5 Game Min.)
  • Tournament Bracket Championships (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • 2 Meals- Breakfast & Lunch
  • Lineman Camp & Competitions
  • 2 Devotionals
  • Athlete’s Bible for each Team & Head Coach
  • Giveaways

SCSM Releases Beatbox SPOTEMGOTTEM Remix

SCSM is all about making God famous and sharing love and hope.  CEO Tiffani Lewis hopped on the SPOTEMGOTTEM Remix and did just that.  Press play and turn your speakers up!



Les Brown - God Loves You Unconditionally

In this exclusive interview with world renowned speaker and motivator Les Brown, I'm able to sit down and share the more intimate meaning and message behind SCSM and how it speaks to my life.  As a podcaster I'm so used to asking the questions but what better person to sit down with, the hope pusher himself and collectively extend a message of faith and hope globally.

What's most exciting about this interview is the growth and opportunity that was created as a...

Obstacles Are Not What They Seem

How often are you faced with a challenge and feel overwhelmed?  Maybe you're short on money and don't know how your bills will get paid.  Or maybe your relationship of several years is on the verge of ending and you feel hopeless.  Or if you're in my boat maybe you often feel overwhelmed when trying to handle being wife, mom and business owner.  In each case there are a sure set of challenges and obstacles we are presented with and must face.  

But if you've lived long enough you can attest that the gravity of what we see before us typically doesn't...

Keep At It

As many lows as we've faced and the many lows all around us.  Let's take this time to create some highs.  Some people have had a close up view for a long time.  Its disturbing because you believe that the people that are closest to you should be the ones most apt to understand and appreciate your evolution. 

But that's not always the case.  Sometimes the people that are closest to you are the ones you bother the most.  And this is not a hater thing!  We are here to encourage you to keep going.  Everyone cannot understand what you...